What is an occupational physician?

An occupational physician is a medical doctor who has specialized in occupational medicine. This involves doing a a basic medical degree, 3-4 years in the public hospital system doing basic training, followed by a post graduate degree (usually a Masters degree) in occupational health or medicine, followed by speciality training in occupational medicine (affliated with the Royal College of Physicians) that can last anywhere from 4 to 10 years.  Typically it takes approximately 10-15 years after medical school to become qualified as an occupational physician, accredited by the Australasian Faculty of Occupational and Environmental Medicine.  You will recognize an occupational physician by their qualification: FAFOEM.

Occupational physicians specialize in all matters pertaining to occupational health.  These roles include performing Independent Medical Examinations IMEs, Fitness for Duty assessments, whole person impairment ratings, medicolegal reports, pre-employment medical screenings, workplace assessments, injury management consultations, as well as primary care of work related injuries. They are more familiar than any other medical speciliasts  with dealing with  workers compensation matters, insurance company matters, medicolegal matters and the health needs of  large and small companies in industry and government.

Dr Dias is not just an accredited occupational physician with AFOEM (FAFOEM), but he is also a designated aviation medical examiner (D.A.M.E),  medical review officer (M.R.O), an accredited  injury management consultant (IMC) and independent medical examiner (IME).

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