Need a great specialist doctor for your occupational medicine, workers compensation or injury management needs?

Meet Dr Dias… Dr Uthum K. Dias (Qualifications: B.MBBS, M. Occ Med, IMC, IME, DAME, MRO & FAFOEM) is one of Australia’s leading occupational physicians, offering clinical services for all medical matters related to occupational health, fitness for work concerns, health related insurance matters, medico legal matters,   and workers compensation concerns. Dr Uthum Dias - Consultant Occupational Physician

He has had more than 10 years of experience working in occupational medicine and is widely respected and acknowledged as an outstanding occupational physician by his peers, clients and patients alike. He has presented research at several conferences and seminars on occupational medicine in Sydney and Australia and is an expert on both musculoskeletal medicine and occupational health matters. Dr Dias works extensively with both large and small employers, government agencies, insurance scheme agents, lawyers and patients.

He has provided acclaimed medical services to dozens of Australia’s largest companies, federal and state government departments, all of NSW’s insurance agents and several of NSW’s largest law firms. Dr Dias prides himself on his clinical acumen, communication skills, work ethic and versatility. What ever you or your company’s needs are – from complex medicolegalreports, pre-employment screenings, second opinions to acute injuries requiring primary care – Dr Dias will be able to help you and provide a standard of care that is consistent in excellence and fairness. Dr Dias operates at two clinics – three days per week (Tuesday to Thursday) in Sydney’s CBD (affiliated with the MLCOA clinic) and two days per week (Monday and Friday) at Parramatta in Sydney’s West (affiliated with the Injury Care clinic). In addition, Dr Dias consults in Parramatta weekly, and with Canberra, Newcastle, Coffs Harbour Wollongong and Gosford with the MLCOA clinic, all on a monthly basis.

Contact us for an appointment with Dr Dias.


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