Services Offered

Dr Dias offers an excellent caring, consistent and holistic service in relation to all occupational medicine matters.

Services include:

  • Independent Medical Examinations (IMEs) for all Fitness for Duty, Workers Compensation, Governmental (e.g DVA), TPD, Public Liability and Third Party Insurance matters – this service is primarily for employers, government agencies,  all insurers,  and lawyers, and usually entails a comprehensive medical review and report.
  • Specialist Occupational Physician reviews for all work related health matters. This  service is primarily for referring GPs and should be accompanied by a short letter of referral.
  • Permanent Impairment Evaluations (WPIs) – this is primarily associated with IMEs (see above) in relation to medicolegal matters.
  • Injury Management Consultations (IMC) for all Workers Compensation matters – this service is for insurers and clients alike, and involves a focus on work capacity and GP liaison.
  • Pre-employment screenings – across any industry, and in bulk. Dr Dias and his affliated clinics will tailor the needs of the client to fit any demand or industry.

All services are charged at the gazetted WorkCover or AMA (if not WorkCover related) rates; if this is not applicable – quotes for services can be obtained by contacting Dr Dias’ clinics.

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